AQUA Imports

A local contractor with a kitchen/bathroom showroom asked me to update his website. I created a logo for AQUA Imports and then built a website based upon his specific requirements.

The biggest challenge was to accurately scrub data from his existing site and organize it into an easy-to-navigate fashion.


Old Grey Barn

My fondest college memories were spent with my best friends within the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house - The "Old Grey Barn". When we were required to make improvements to the house, we started a fundraising effort to raise the $1.5 million. I jumped at the opportunity to build the website.

It has become a very useful tool is communicating with alumni and raising awareness about the fundraising campaign.


JML Design

A dear friend of mine started her own interior design company and needed to get her web presence established. She and I came up with a design that fit her style as an interior designer as well as working well as a website.

While she has since moved her website to one hosted by Weebly, I like using the site as a portfolio piece and I'm happy to promote JML Design by linking to the current site.


Nate and Peter

My friend Nate asked me to be the best man at his wedding. Aside from my responsibilities of planning the bachelor party and giving a fun speech, I was charged with creating a wedding website.

During our brainstorming sessions and after some jokes about gay musicals, we ultimately decided to go with a Playbill theme. It was a fun, collaborative effort creating this website.


Lattuca Franklin Wedding

There is no way I'd be able to get married without creating my own custom wedding website. I couldn't live with myself if we used The Knot or one of the other template sites.

I had fun collaborating with my bride-to-be on the design and reminiscing about how we met. Writing the content was a challenge and helped me be able to sympathize with clients that have trouble writing their own.